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Dear Pastors and Leaders,


I hope this letter finds you well and thriving in your invaluable role as a spiritual leader. It is with great joy and excitement that I extend this invitation to The Well Weekend 2024, taking place on December 12th-14th in the historic city of Charleston, SC.


The theme for this year's event is "We are for SIGNS AND WONDERS," and it is specifically designed to address the weight of responsibility that you shoulder as pastors and leaders. We understand the immense challenges and sacrifices that you face while guiding your congregations and serving as beacons of hope in your communities. I wholeheartedly believe that you will experience renewal and refreshing, so you can continue to pour into others with the same passion and fervor.


In your tireless efforts to shepherd, guide, and support your congregation, it's easy for the well of your own spirit to run dry. At The Well Weekend 2024, our sole focus is to refill and rejuvenate your spirits, allowing you to draw from the wellspring of living water and the life-giving Word of God. By taking time to invest in your spiritual well-being, you will return to your ministries with increased passion and effectiveness.


During this powerful weekend, you will have the opportunity to gather with fellow leaders from various backgrounds and denominations, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. Through inspiring worship, thought-provoking teachings, and powerful pour sessions by skilled, anointed and spirit-led leaders, you will be equipped, encouraged, and empowered to navigate the challenges that come with leadership.


Psalm 23:2-3 shares with us a powerful message.  It says, "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name's sake."  Jesus Himself, who carried the weight of the world's salvation on His shoulders, sought moments of rest, renewal, and drew from the well of His father’s Spirit often.  You deserve a time to do the same away from your congregations and ministries.  This weekend is all about you.


Please consider this heartfelt invitation to join us at The Well Weekend 2024. We earnestly believe that the investment of a few days away from the demands of ministry will yield immeasurable dividends in your personal and professional lives.


May you be encouraged, renewed, and refreshed as you continue to lead and serve faithfully. We eagerly anticipate your presence at The Well Weekend 2024 in Charleston, SC.


With great anticipation,

Apostle Aaron J. Mobley, Jr.

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Host Location


5265 International Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 308-9330



We’d love to see you at The Well Weekend

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing event! GET REGISTERED TODAY! This is a limited seating event.

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