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Have you ever considered what it would mean to pray not just in the manner of Jesus, but as Jesus Himself? To have the Son of Man intercede on your behalf, His voice mingling with your own in a harmonious plea to the heavens. This book is an invitation to embark on such a transformative journey, delving into the depths of Christ's prayer life and emerging with a pattern of supplication that is both exalted and deeply personal.


Picture the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, where in the darkness of night, a man's prayers became the turning point for all of humanity. He is not just weighed down by the impending suffering, but also carries the burden of the world's sin and sorrow. In that quiet moment, filled with his passionate pleas, we witness the true essence of Jesus' way of praying. It wasn't about fancy words or just going through the motions, but about having a close and unwavering connection with the Father.


What does it mean to submit our lives to Christ in such a way that it is no longer we who pray, but Christ who prays within us? How can we attune our hearts to resonate with His, so that our prayers are no longer echoes of our desires, but the very will of God being spoken into existence? This book will guide you through these questions, peeling back the layers of superficial prayer to reveal the raw and potent dialogue that Jesus engaged in with His Father.


Can you imagine the transformation that could occur within you, should you allow Jesus to become the very source and sustenance of your prayer life? Picture the changes that might unfold in your world when every plea, every thanksgiving, every intercession is infused with the purity and power of Christ's love. Have you ever felt as though your prayers were merely bouncing off the ceiling, unheard and unanswered? Perhaps it is not a matter of volume or vocabulary that needs changing, but rather, the very source from which these prayers spring forth. When Christ becomes the well from which our prayers are drawn, we tap into a divine source that can never run dry.


This book will also address the obstacles we face in prayer, the distractions, the doubts, and the despair that can so easily entangle us. Through the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and the example of Jesus Christ, we will learn how to navigate these challenges, to find peace and persistence in our quest for a deeper prayer life. As you turn the pages of this book, may you find not just instructions, but inspiration. May you not simply read about prayer, but be drawn into the act itself. And in doing so, may you discover the joy and the power of Becoming the Praying Jesus.

Becoming the Praying Jesus

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