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At The Author's Corner, we understand the incredible sense of pride that comes with publishing a book. We're here to help you achieve that feeling of accomplishment by delivering a professional book project that rivals those produced by leading traditional publishers, all while minimizing your costs. Our dedicated team is driven to make your journey to become a successful published author both seamless and stress-free.

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we'll ensure that your book project receives the top-notch treatment it deserves. From stunning cover designs to impeccable editing and manuscript development, we'll guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you with the highest professional standards typically associated with traditional publishing, but without the prohibitive costs.

Say goodbye to the endless hassle and uncertainty of self-publishing! With The Author's Corner, you can confidently realize your dream of becoming a published author, knowing that your book will be completed to the utmost professional standards. We'll handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your writing.

So, why settle for less when you can experience the pride and success of publishing with The Author's Corner? Let us transform your book project into a masterpiece that showcases your talent and ambition. Join us today and embark on your journey to becoming a published author, without the stress and high costs often associated with traditional publishing.

Choose The Author's Corner for a seamless and cost-effective path to publishing success! 


Your new book deserves the best creative presentation! Have you heard the phrase, "You get one chance to make a first impression?"  Well, that often applies to books as well. Your book cover is the first thing a reader sees, especially those who don't personally know you.  We would love to create a book cover that is professional, marketable and that catches the eyes of readers while drawing them into the passion that you have placed within your book.  

Expected Project Time: We strive to produce the best resources for all of our clients. With that in mind, the expected delivery of this service is 3 weeks barring no revisions or changes requested.  Once you have agreed to a design, there are only minor revisions that will be done.

Cover Design Fee: $550



What is Formatting? Formatting is the way your book looks. It's the layout of your book—think chapters, page numbers, paragraph spacing, things like that. This includes aesthetic choices like which fonts you use for chapter headings and page numbers, and it also includes more technical choices like line spacing and font size.

A formatter will design the interior of your book and typeset the text so it's ready for printing in your chosen marketplace. You can format it yourself, or if you want to skip the headache, we can to do it for you.

Expected Project Time: We strive to produce the best resources for all of our clients. With that in mind, the expected delivery of this service is 3 weeks barring no revisions or changes requested.  Once you have agreed to a design, there are only minor revisions that will be done.

Formatting Fee: $375



Editing is a stage of the writing process in which a writer or editor strives to improve a draft by correcting errors and making words and sentences clearer, more precise, and as effective as possible. The process of editing involves adding, deleting, and rearranging words to cut the clutter and streamline the overall structure.

Tightening your writing and fixing mistakes can actually be a remarkably creative activity. Thoughtful revision of work can lead to clarification of ideas, a reimagining of images, and sometimes, even a radical rethinking of the way you've approached your topic.

What is a final draft edit? A final draft edit is when your manuscript has been completed.  If you choose this service this means that you have completed your writing and are a step closer to being published. This option doesn't include edits after the final copy has been submitted for editing.

Please note: Editing is not GhostWriting.  Editing polishes something you’ve already written (Grammatical errors, sentence structure, readability, and clarity). The ghostwriting option creates something for you, using your expertise as the source material.

Expected Project Time: We strive to produce the best resources for all of our clients. With that in mind, the expected delivery of this service is 45 days. Rush orders will carry an additional fee based on the word count and needed delivery date. 

Editing Fee: $600 (this fee is based on a maximum word count of 25,000 words and increases two cents per word thereafter.

What is a Ghostwriter? Ghostwriters are writers who you hire, but none of the credit for the work produced. The original writer, or author, is hiring the ghost as a freelance writer to produce copywriter work for a fee.


The author takes all the credit for all the original work produced, including all the original writing produced by the ghost writer. The ghostwriter is usually paid in advance of completing the job and assumes none of the credit for the ghostwriting work.

Why should you hire a Ghostwriter? Do you have a great idea for a book, but you don’t feel competent to write it on your own? You would be a perfect candidate to work with a ghostwriter. I have helped many people in this capacity, doing everything from developing existing manuscripts to adding further detail and content to writing complete manuscripts for ministry leaders, business professionals, life coaches, and motivational speakers. The entire process is easier than you probably thought, and the potential for success is as vast as your imagination.

We can take your ideas and make them spring to life.  I’ve made a career out of helping people just like you transform all kinds of concepts into powerful, well-written books that they are proud to call their own. That’s right, it is your name that will appear on the book and you will retain all rights and all royalties. As the ghost, I will gladly remain in the background.


Let us show you how easy it is to work together. Tell us a little bit about your project, and then we can discuss it and I can answer all of your questions. We have personally written countless books for others and we are confident that you will like what you see after we show you exactly how we can take your material and lift it up to a whole new level. 

AND YES! ALL PROJECTS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We will never share information about our agreement or project.

How does the process work? Ghost Writing projects are a very interactive process between myself and every client.  We'll start by having a very thorough conversation about your book. After an agreement is made, I'll send you a written agreement with the terms, and completion deadlines along with any information request that we need you to upload to get the work started.  After the signed agreement is sent back in we will begin this exciting process. 


You'll then submit your personal materials (Notes, outlines, and thoughts about what your aim is and the general goal of the book).  We'll discuss your ideas about the number of chapters, book length, chapter names and etc.

After this, I'll start the best part of the process! The writing.  Every week, we'll send you progress reports about your book along with samples, suggestions, or questions in order to get your input along the way. We can do this via telephone or by email.  Whatever works best for you.

Ghost Writing Fees: Here's the part that I'm sure you're most interested in.  The starting investment fee to Ghost Write your book begins at $5,750 for the first 25,000 words. The fee increases by two cents per word count beyond that point. Remember, this will be writing that will continue to generate profits for you long after our writing relationship is complete.  Don't be afraid to make the investment necessary to ensure that your writing is shared in the best light.

Expected Project Time: We strive to produce the best resources for all of our clients. With that in mind, the expected delivery of this service is 90 days.  This timeline begins once all of the requested source materials are delivered.  We ask that all source materials are delivered at the same time. Any interruptions in the process will extend the timeline for this service.

Additional Services: We are your one-stop shop! Do you need a custom cover design or interior formatting? We can help you with that as well and work that into your project time period.  This means that you can have a completed manuscript, full cover design, and formatted interior ready to upload and print all at once! This is an amazing opportunity.  Click here for more information about those services. 


Our Manuscript Development option is a perfect choice for individuals who have completed a manuscript.  However, they feel as though their book can become greater. We will read your manuscript and provide detailed ideas, questions that you should answer, and highlights that will make your book better and more impactful.  We will provide a detailed analysis.  After your receive our analysis and ideas, it will be up to you to consider and/or apply those recommendations.  

Manuscript Development Fee: $2750

Expected Project Time: 45 Days or Less



We love Children's books, but we understand how frustrating it is to find the right illustrations that will coincide with your storyline.  This project comes with up to 30 illustrations and is formatted to highlight readability and understanding.  We also provide additional services if you have an idea, but just can't get the storyline written.  We can help with that too! Children's Book


Project Fee: $2,900
Expected Project Time: 45 Days or Less

Custom Cover






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