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Life Recognition

If I were to ask you about the result of your life and what you wanted to be recognized for what would be your response? Personally, it might be a shock to some, but I wouldn't want to be KNOWN solely as a great preacher, because I am so much more than that. So, if that's not the only thing I want to be known as then I have to continue to change the narrative and paint my own picture.

This is where many people lost sight of themselves in an attempt to stay relevant to some. Many great individuals are limited in future aspirations not because of individuals who dislike them, but because of people who genuinely love them. How does this occur? Because people by nature seek to protect what they feel is VALUE to them. So, when anything threatens that, they will do or say whatever they have to in order to keep things or YOU the way they are. BUT WHAT IF YOU'RE TIRED OF PERFORMING THE WAY YOU USED TO? What do you do?

It's sad to see someone who has so much more to offer get STUCK continuing or advancing in something that no longer has their heart. What's important to you TODAY should be what you are pushing towards, but must first be initiated by your determination to embark with or without those who have supported the OLD you. Don't let your life's recognition be based on an individual that you're not even proud of. You make the choice! Be who you are NOW on the inside and let people decide to either cheer that on or walk away. Use your power. Get connected to PURPOSE.

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