Honoring Your Space

Even though the world is large it is actually much smaller that you may think! It's easy to feel suffocated and overwhelmed as your vision or dream becomes larger and larger on the inside. When that begins to occur, we usually run to those closest to us in order to let some of it out, but that might not be best in certain circumstances.

Today, I want to talk to you about how to bring HONOR TO YOUR SPACE. When bringing honor to anything you are placing lines of separation between when people casually handle and what they should carefully respect. Some individuals will never get the principle so you're going to have to control your space until they do and if they don't.

One of the most powerful ideas in taking control of your purpose and bringing honor to your space lies in your ability avoid spaces where your idea, dream, product or vision can be belittled or devalued by close connections. It is in your power today to chose who and what you share you vision with. Don't be influenced negatively by people who can't understand your current trajectory. Sharing your treasures with them with the expectation of their support might result in you looking for an audience that might never show.

But here's something to think about. They already know. They saw the advertisements. They heard the radio spot. They got the phone call. Sometimes you invite disappointment by advertising your product to people you count as close because you think they haven't heard about what your doing. Why would you think this? Because they haven't bought it, came to your presentations or celebrated your achievement. Let me help you. They're just not interested.

Individuals automatically support what interests them and if you have people close to you that haven't supported you it's a great possibility that they're simply not interested. Grow your audience by first limiting spaces where your HUGE idea can be minimized through disappointment from areas closest to you. Choose to EXPAND and GROW by restricting opportunities where discouragement can flow.

Here's the important thing to remember:

Your arrival to your current point of PURPOSE was always EXPECTED and ANTICIPATED! Even though it might appear that certain individuals don't recognize your greatness they do! They saw it long before you did.

You've waited for a long time, but I guarantees you the prep time was well spent. The invitations were sent out long before you ever realized that God was throwing you a party. Some guests couldn't wait and left early or never showed up, but those are still at the table are about to watch the show of a lifetime.

Get ready! Reserve your strength! Don't waste unnecessary energy attempting to prove anything to anyone. This next season that is NOW is coming in POWER!!!!!