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It's amazing how much more of yourself you can see when standing in the right light. Have you ever been caught with mix matched socks or an uncoordinated outfit because you decided to get dressed in the dark? That's how our lives are sometimes. There are some seasons where we are just not put together right. It's not because we don't have the capacity or purpose, but sometimes life just puts a shadow on something that is overwhelmingly creatively powerful.

I'm a selfie junkie just like many of you, but there are times when attempting that stellar selfie that we can have on the perfect outfit and looking our best, but bad lighting ruins what would have been the perfect Facebook or Instagram post. Guess what? the light actually determines how well your displayed to others beyond your immediate touch or presence.

Refuse to be shown in some dark or skewed perspective by giving yourself the opportunity to elevate your character. It's the hidden intention within you that's waiting on the chance to show you just how powerful you've been created to be.

Upgrading your behavior will serve as your greatest tool in a NEW SEASON to getting where you need to be and around those that will assist you in moving forward.

This process isn't for the faint of heart. It might mean that you have to readjust your position, location or surroundings to do it, but the rewards of catching the RIGHT LIGHT will ensure that no part of your fearfully and wonderfully made purpose goes hidden from the world that needs it the most.


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