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As we all move forward and begin to excel towards our greatest days there's a few keys that I think will help us stay FOCUSED and ON-TARGET.

1. We all have an audience: You can be the craziest or the most sound, but there'll always be people who follow you. Don't get sidetracked in the pursuit of everyone agreeing with your purpose or goals. Whoever you don't attract will be attracted by someone else. Hopefully, they'll be as inspired by them as they would've been with you.

2. Mixed Reviews: Even when people show up it's not always that everyone will give you 5 stars for your performance. Some people will walk away feeling let down, but I guarantee you that someone will leave feeling on top of the world because you chose one day to stand and deliver.

3. Calm Down: No one expects you to reach everyone. Don't feel down when one gets away. Refuse to over pressure yourself through unwise expectations. Focus more on who's being attracted to you rather than those being subtracted from you. PS- don't ever allow the subtractions to distract you from the larger goal you have in mind for your life. Focus forward!

4. Empty Stands: Performances and audience filled stadiums are great, but don't allow the quietness of life's intermission make you think that your contribution to greatness is over. Use the pause as a time to reflect, grow, learn and then LEAN IN ALL THE WAY to your NEXT SEASON OF POWER

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