A Different Day

What's most frustrating about the season you are currently in is surprisingly not related to the issues that are connected to it. I know you're reading this and probably totally disagreeing, but I want you to listen to this. Most of the time, you are able to weather situations, but what's unbearable at times is that it so closely relates to what you have seen before.

Doesn't it irritate you to walk through something that you know you have a million times before. It just seems like things just won't change. Every month is looking like the months of previous years.

Guess what? It's your time for a different day. You're about to experience a radical and drastic season of change. It's only coming through your sacrifice of time, energy and resources though. You've got to determine to change up some habits or routines that are not promoting change. But I'm confident that you can change this ridiculous cycle of defeat and regain your victory every day. It's your time for a DIFFERENT DAY!