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Have you ever needed to hear and know that someone was praying for you? Often, at our lowest points, the comfort of knowing that we are covered in prayer can be the lifeline needed to encourage us during some of life’s darkest moments.  We have all been there before, and I want to help you through it by praying for you!

In this book, you will not only hear me praying for you, but it is my prayer that you will know and sense the heart of God towards you in every area.   As you recite his promises while reading every chapter, may you be comforted in the knowledge that God has someone around the world, praying for you.  

This volume includes prayers in areas such as Peace, Protection, Provision, Healing, Salvation, Deliverance, Victory and more.  It’s 40,000 words of prayer written specifically for you. 

I’m Praying for You!!

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