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Let me help you bring your dreams to reality!


If you're reading this you probably have already experienced some level of my passion to help others become their own solutions.  Through motivational seminars, books, articles and personal appearances, I've always had a passion to push individuals to dream harder and BIGGER! Check out my list of consulting services below.  We would love to hear from you.

Self-Publishing: How to make it professional.


Are you looking to get your book out there and want to do it yourself.  I have personally self-published several books and would love the opportunity to sit with you to assist you in fine tuning your process, but most of all I'll show you tips and tools on how to make your finished work look professional.



Journey Coaching: Seeing it differently


While I host a weekly Journey Class, sometimes you need a personal one on one approach.  This Journey development session is a simple, but yet profound way to get your voice heard as well as the opportunity to hear how your path can be seen in a more productive way.  You'll receive  lessons that are both spiritual and practical.

Ministry Leadership Development


After starting ministry at the early age of 6 years old, pastoring for 10 years and aiding many individuals start and establish ministry, I have just the right amount of information to assist you in developing your ministry goals wisely.


Check out my book: Making it Excellent- A practical guide to making the best where you are.  It'll certainly help you get started on the right path.

All consulting services are billed services. Unless, otherwise noted. Individual speaking opportunities at seminars, workshops, conferences and etc. carry a different schedule of fees.   

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