Consecration Guidelines

Please find below the Consecration Schedule for January which begins on the 26th-28th:


12 AM-12 PM- Water Only 


12 PM-12 AM- One Cooked Meal per day. You can choose what meal that is.  However, you may consume fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, or nuts throughout the day. Fruits smoothies are also permitted. Water and Pure Juices only. 


Prayer: 7:00AM-7:15AM & 7PM-8PM (Conference Line). 


Social Media & Entertainment: 


Let's limit our social media activity and television entertainment. You may choose how you limit both of those options. Choose rather to read more (Bible or Spiritual reading), and spend more time in prayer, planning and organization personally. 


We will be sharing more on our consecration focuses during our prayer times via conference line. Let's partner in faith together for the absolute will of God for our lives, families, leadership and KIC families. 


Matthew 7:21-Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.