The ability to RESTORE broken leaders and empower those who are called to HEAL them is an assignment of GRACE. Both types of those individuals carry an ability that will safeguard a generation and advance generations to come.


"Even after you have helped countless individuals manage some of the worst seasons of their lives, there must be a recovery that can only come from those you have helped the most. Unfortunately, many of the people you have served will never serve you in the same capacity. Why? Because people rarely see the need to minister to those who are called to be Ananias.


The pains and disappointments of the Ananias’ of the world aren’t openly seen. They have learned to deal with them in private so that they can be strong for others. They behave in a way that is excellent and fortified because if they are seen breaking, they might lose the confidence of those who need their strength and courage.

What is interesting about this type of individual is that they are honestly not trying to pretend. Being strong is who God has graced them to be. They know that it is God who attracts brokenness to them, even as He pulls them towards the greatness that He has called them individually to be. However, in understanding this, we must note that some of the most resilient, battle-ready soldiers not only deal with the trauma of their battles but also the trauma of standing in wars that were never their own." (Excerpt from, "Call Me Ananias.")